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OCCP’s online case law database

A few days ago we informed you about new clarifications by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP) in relation to amicable decisions (OCCP provides new guidelines on amicable decisions).

In line with its mission for transparency, the OCCP has now created an initial database where decisions concerning the infringement of collective consumer interests, control of concentrations, anti-competitive practices and cases on the recognition of certain “abusive” clauses can be found.

At this stage, the database consists of decisions which were issued after 1 September 2015. According to its press release on the OCCP website, the Office will undertake to keep it updated. Updates will cover the cases already resolved, as well as future cases.

Importantly, the case law database is also conveniently linked to the database of the President of OCCP’s decisions based on which particular court decisions were issued. This will enable an efficient, complex and transparent insight into OCCP’s procedures.

The database can be found under the following link: http://decyzje.uokik.gov.pl/bp/wyroki.nsf

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