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Social media - how to run it to avoid legal problems
A social media presence seems to be a given in every industry. Nowadays, it is difficult to conduct any promotional activities without them. However, it is worth considering how to publish posts and reports in order not to violate the law. Almost all companies and agencies operating in the MICE industry have their own social [...]

Does the sale of used electronic books (e-books) require the consent of the author?
Although e-books account for only 3-6% [1] of the book market in Poland, according to publicly available data, people choosing a digital book read almost three times more than readers of printed books. At this point, the question arises – can used e-books be legally purchased? On 19 December 2019, the Court of Justice of [...]

Christian Louboutin wins the red sole dispute
The trademark in the form of colour of the shoe sole is not covered by the ban on registration of shapes – the European Court of Justice ruled. The French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin, won the long court battle for his legendary red patent leather soles, which are his identification mark. Everything started with Christian’s [...]

Important changes in tourist services law – the uncertain future of corporate events and team building trips?
A real revolution in the event industry is at hand. Not only does it impose additional obligations, increases the costs of organising events, but also creates additional business risk caused by highly ambiguous regulations. On 1 July 2018 the new act on packaged travel and linked travel arrangements came into effect, which introduces a large [...]

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Legal protections for the image rights of historical and fictitious characters in computer games
In principle, the image rights of historical and fictitious characters are subject to legal protections, as such commercial use by authors of games will require consent. However, there are exceptions. Young people increasingly enjoy spending their time in the virtual world. Each year new ideas and concepts appear on the games market. A recent trend [...]

Can color be registered as a trademark?
Registration authorizes the owner to an exclusive use of their trademark. In the light of EU regulations, a trademark may consist of any sign or graphic form, but it must have elements that distinguish it from the goods and services of another entrepreneur. Is a red sole created by a French designer a sufficient feature [...]

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