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Careful with ‘liking’?
‘Like’ – the symbol of a thumb raised with the words ‘I like it!’ – has revolutionized social media. Expressing emotions on the web has never been as easy as it is now – all you need is just one click. Not surprisingly, the average use of this button on websites is several billion a [...]

Young Artist v. Textile Giant – A dispute over the limits of replication in fashion
Celine-like shoes, Anya Hindmarch-like handbag... a number of popular high-street fashion shops are often accused of having in their stock nearly exact copies of international fashion house collections. Inditex, a group to which Zara belongs, has also been a target of such allegations. Apart from discussions over the limits of inspiration in fashion and the [...]

Czesław Mozil wins dispute over the use of the Solidarity wordmark
Could the use of the famous Solidarity wordmark in the “Nienawidzę Cię Polsko” (I hate you, Poland) music video infringe the goodwill of the Union and its copyright? The chairman of  Solidarity, Mr. Piotr Duda filed a complaint against Czesław Mozil, the author and the performer of the song. In the music video for the [...]

Australian, new, medium-sweet... KRRiT punishes TVN for alcohol advertising
Koalas, kangaroos, sunny hills of Jacob’s Creek, guests feasting at a well-laid table, glasses of water and... empty wine glasses. Such scenes were included in a TV spot promoting the Days of Australia, which was broadcast by TVN  in December  2014 at 00:43, in an advertising break during the film presentation of The Godfather. Despite [...]

“Smile! You’re on candid camera!” Journalistic provocations versus privacy protection in the ECHR’s decision in Bremner v. Turkey
A hidden camera in the hands of a journalist is a controversial tool. Such methods of gathering materials may raise objections as to their compliance with the journalistic ethics and standards. On the other hand, it is often the only way to gather information on important matters. Many would have never seen the light of [...]

Can the law guarantee love? A commentary on the decision of the Court of Appeal in Katowice – I ACa 131/15
Can the law be a tool for claiming fatherly love? The question may seem abstract but it has become the subject of consideration by the court of second instance (the case closed with a legally valid decision of the Court of Appeal in Katowice of 15 May 2015, ref. No: I ACa 131/15). In anticipation [...]

Lady without an ermine, but on Facebook. About the use of classic works of art in advertising
“I’m already late and my nail polish still isn't dry”, „”Welcome to my Instagram”, “Shall I eat or post on FB […]”…; these and some other slogans “complement” works of art in the advertising campaign celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Grolsch brand. Slogans – reminiscent of memes – comment on scenes depicted from the [...]

The case of Prof. Ewa Łętowska's avatar – identify theft on Facebook
Prof. Ewa Łętowska does not have to be introduced in detail. The first Polish Ombudsman, a judge on the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal. A few months ago Facebook saw the emergence of profiles of Prof. Łętowska that presented her, as an enthusiast of music by Zdzisława Sośnicka, organizer of galas and concerts [...]

(Not so) terrible consequences of not registering
In the previous post, we indicated that creating and running a blog may involve the obligation to register the blog in the register of dailies and magazines. In this entry, however, we would like to direct your attention to the fact that the failure to register may have some unpleasant consequences. The Press Law Act [...]

Lawyer in the blogosphere, i.e. how to (legally) create a blog (and not go mad)
It would seem at first glance there is nothing complicated about creating a blog, all that is needed are: ideas regarding what to blog about, appropriate level of engagement as well as a template design. But creating a blog is only so easy if it is NOT done by a lawyer, in which case the [...]

To register or not to register, that is the question!
Let’s start with the “formalities” everyone detests. For most people creating a blog only involves one formality, indicating your e-mail address when registering on a website that provides your blog template (e.g. WordPress.com, Blogger.com). Here, however, a “surprise” awaits us. It turns out in many cases it is necessary to fulfill an obligation resulting from [...]

Let’s begin!
Welcome to our Intellectual Property Law Blog As lawyers who are dealing with this area of law on an everyday basis, we are fully aware of how limitless it can be as a source of interesting questions and problems. Through our blog, we will present and comment on the most intriguing ones. Therefore, there will [...]

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