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Implementing AI-based automation - practical challenges
There is an anecdote circulating in the IT industry and among lawyers dealing with artificial intelligence. A contractor talking about the advantages of his solution focuses on how smart it is and repeatedly refers to the term 'artificial intelligence'. After the presentation, the contracting authority asks if the contractor is following the development of the [...]

An EU-centric country with a Kafkaesque discriminatory algorithm targeting its citizens. The story of how a lack of oversight of new technologies brought down the government in the Netherlands.
The technology used by the government to deter social crime and improve the efficiency of government offices can lead to unwarranted exclusion and violations of privacy rights. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who resigned from the government as a consequence of a malfunctioning algorithm, experienced this. There has been a lot of public discussion [...]

Legal challenges in implementing automation and robotics in the enterprise
Implementing changes in business often poses organizational, financial, and legal challenges. However, the selection and implementation of automation or robotics solutions is a unique undertaking, for several reasons: significant costs, expected impact on business indicators, technical complexity, high customization of the solution, and multidimensional legal aspects of such implementation. This article provides an overview of [...]

AI - artificial intelligence - is there anything to be afraid of?
There is probably no day for the press not to write about artificial intelligence (AI). AI has become fashionable, some see it as hope, others are afraid of it. And how does AI look from a legal perspective? In recent weeks we have read both about the fact that Alex ("intelligent" Amazon speaker), in response [...]

20 years of court battle for two seconds of music - or how to legally sample?
After exactly two decades of dispute between the classics of the German electronic music scene, Kraftwerk and hip-hop producers, M. Pelham and M. Haas, the Court of Justice of the European Union answered the question on the legality of the use of samples. To be exact, on one of the threads important in answering such [...]

The law has never kept up with technology
When we talk about new technologies we often intuitively think about the future, the Silicon Valley, technological start-ups. These natural associations are obviously correct but highly insufficient. Leaving aside the philosophical and scientific considerations concerning the nature of the future, with Albert Einstein’s famous statement that the difference between the past, present and future is [...]

The geometric wolf a plagiarism? The copyright dispute over the logotype of the Premiership football club
A trial which may create a great deal of trouble for one of the Premier League clubs has just started in London. After a freshly won Premiership promotion the Wolverhampton Wanderers must face charges of infringement of rights to the Mystery Wolf, which has been the Wolves’ logo almost uninterruptedly since 1979.[1] Everything started in [...]

How to make a film based on a true story and not fall into the trap of the claims of its heroes?
For a long time the Polish as well as global film industry has been captured by the trend to present productions based on the history of public persons on the background of interesting historical events. When planning an undertaking of this type and thinking about the script concept it is worth considering how far we [...]

Accountability –a new philosophy in personal data protection
Starting from the 25th of May 2018 a revolutionary change in privacy protection and personal data protection will be implemented (general regulation about data protection), known as „RODO”. RODO requires changes in action philosophy, procedural application, documentation, as well as, IT systems in almost every business. At the same time it introduces sanctions up to [...]

It’s the economy, stupid!
During former President Bill Clinton's 1992 run for the White House, his chief political strategist James Carville coined the phrase „it's the economy, stupid”, to remind Clinton and his campaign staff that the economy was chief among American voters' concerns at the time. Today, it may seem even more crucial considering the political climate in [...]

Financing film production: worn paths and unexplored lands
In 2016, 49 full-length feature films were produced in Poland, 26 of which were funded with the funds of the Polish Film Institute. The total value of film budgets subsidized by the Institute reached PLN 110 million, whereas in-kind contributions from producers amounted to over twice as much. Should Polish producers, like their Western colleagues, start looking for less classical ways to raise funds? The role [...]

How not to get your idea for an event stolen? Basic principles for the protection of concepts.
Although it might seem the idea itself is not enough to be able to take legal action to protect it, in fact, sometimes it is possible. All you need is the right tools. And of course, knowledge how and when to properly use them. Everything starts with an idea. From the idea that evolves into [...]

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