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Revolution before us - On specialised courts for intellectual property, part 1
This is already certain - as of 1 July 2020, new regulations will come into force, based on which, within the framework of separate departments in four (most probably, although this number may still increase) district courts and two courts of appeal in Poland, specialized courts for intellectual property will be created. New units in [...]

Why entrepreneurs should prepare for a change in civil procedure?
6 changes in the CCP with a significant impact on business. 6 reasons to read this article. On 7 November 2019 and 1 January 2020, two amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure will come into force, which will have a significant impact on conducting business in Poland and even on maintaining the financial liquidity [...]

Starbucks mug on the Winterfell table - how did it happen?
The Internet rumbles about the "slip-up" of the creators of the latest episode of the eighth season of the famous series "Game of Thrones". What is it about this time? Well, in one of the scenes set at Starks Castle, Queen Daenerys is ‘accompanied’ by a paper cup from a well-known chain of Starbucks cafés. [...]

Cold, warmer, hot – the approach of EU bodies to geoblocking
The recent reforms of the digital market introduced at EU level as well as the pending discussions about the future of online distribution of culture may be divided into three essential subjects. The first indicates positive changes, the second arouses considerable emotion, while the last is a clear cause for concern for the creative industry. [...]

An employee leaves for the competition. How to secure the company’s know-how?
The law provides several tools securing the interests and valuable know-how of a company in the event an employee leaves to join a competitor. Such transfers on the labour market are particularly dangerous for the creative industry and event and incentive agencies whose achievements are based on unique concepts, strategies and contacts. What legal mechanisms [...]

The Supreme Court gives a green light for the registration of vulgar trademarks
Just over two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that shocked the public. In the Matal vs. Tam case[1], the judges ruled the Lanham Act was unconstitutional. The Act constituted the basis for the United States Patent and Trademark Office to refuse to register trademarks containing derogatory, offensive or vulgar elements against [...]

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