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Commercialization of software in practice
Commercialization of the results of research by academic institutions is more and more common and it is useful to know how it is carried out. This is important both for institutions and for entrepreneurs investing in these types of innovation. Various Polish public research institutions (universities, research institutes, Polish Academy of Sciences centres) conduct research [...]

On derivative works. Which part is creative in a series about zombies?
An interesting case was recently discussed in the foreign media concerning the copyright to the popular series “The Walking Dead.” Frank Darabont, a well-known screenwriter and director, assumed the role of its showrunner, responsible for the overall concept and nature of the series. The agreement with AMC television granted him remuneration for the exploitation of [...]

Are you advertising medicinal products — and don't even know about it?
Advertising certain categories of goods in accordance with the law is not easy. There are many specific legal requirements that such advertising has to comply with. Worse, the prohibitive provisions of the Polish advertising law contains many general and ambiguous terms. Their meaning is left to state authorities — authorized to apply such provisions — [...]

“I demand voluntary payment” – about letters from exotic registers
We would like to point the Readers’ attention to the phenomenon of “unofficial” trade mark registers. For some time, there have been entities that deliver, both to persons and companies registering trade marks, requests for payment on account of implementing trade marks in their registers. This practice is not only employed in relation to the [...]

Sponsorship in event activity – the basics
Organizing events often requires obtaining support from third parties, for example by transferring financial funds, specific commodities or know-how. In exchange for the above, the event organizer may offer marketing and promotional services. This form of cooperation is referred to as sponsorship. Restrictions on sponsorship In most cases the law does not interfere with who [...]

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