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Adidas loses before the General Court of the European Union the case regarding the exclusivity of ‘three stripes’. Practical aspects of the judgment of 19 June 2019.
Last week, the public (and not only the legal one) was electrified by the EU Court ruling on the Adidas trademark, which depicts three stripes characteristic of the brand. As a result of this ruling (judgment of the Court of First Instance of 19 June 2019, Case T-307/17), the decision of the European Union Office [...]

Read by Krystyna Czubówna’ - a few words about voice protection in Polish law
Lecturers, radio journalists and sports commentators. Representatives of all these professions, despite their often high popularity, can remain unnoticed in the street. Who could recognize Tomasz Knapik, Maciej Gudowski or Krystyna Czubowna in the street, even though the voice of the first two can be heard almost every day on the Warsaw bus or subway? [...]

The „personal data protection craze” is behind us. Is a „non-personal data protection craze” in store?
The General Data Protection Regulation, popularly referred to as the „GDPR”, created a great deal of legal, business as well as social and cultural agitation. As a reminder, this was the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to [...]

Where will the „Stairway to heave” lead to?
The issue of music plagiarism on the example of the case against Led Zeppelin. The controversial issue of music plagiarism (already addressed on this blog (is gathering more harvest in terms of copyright law. The US Court of Appeal (9th District) overruled the judgment of the Federal Court of Los Angeles that was favourable for Led [...]

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