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The use of facial recognition technology. An ease or a threat?
Face recognition technology is nothing else than the possibility of automatic identification of a person on the basis of their photo (digital image). It is based on comparing a recorded or continuously registered image to a previously collected database. Let's consider the benefits but also the risks of this technology and whether it is worth [...]

Virtual meetings - how to keep your data safe
In the era of the epidemic threat, virtual meetings have strongly increased in popularity. The growth of this form of organising training and conferences has created new challenges for agencies and their clients regarding the security of personal data and the preparation of events in a way that complies with RODO regulations. The source of [...]

Apple vs social media - the great war on user privacy
New Apple policy "You're being tracked" was a phrase once known only from spy movies. Now it's an everyday occurrence for practically everyone who uses the Internet. On the surface, it's a win-win deal - Internet companies earn money on our data (mainly through profiled advertising), and Internet users get free services in return (social [...]

Digital accessibility - from paper to digital Poland
Making public information accessible to people with disabilities is a major challenge for public entities, especially at a time when most information is available on a computer or a smartphone. Public websites are often an insurmountable barrier for people with disabilities. Lack of transcription of multimedia materials or appropriate keyboard shortcuts sometimes even prevents them [...]

The case of Prof. Ewa Łętowska's avatar – identify theft on Facebook
Prof. Ewa Łętowska does not have to be introduced in detail. The first Polish Ombudsman, a judge on the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal. A few months ago Facebook saw the emergence of profiles of Prof. Łętowska that presented her, as an enthusiast of music by Zdzisława Sośnicka, organizer of galas and concerts [...]

Lawyer in the blogosphere, i.e. how to (legally) create a blog (and not go mad)
It would seem at first glance there is nothing complicated about creating a blog, all that is needed are: ideas regarding what to blog about, appropriate level of engagement as well as a template design. But creating a blog is only so easy if it is NOT done by a lawyer, in which case the [...]

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