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Less state aid for the creative industry

As the Report of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection published on 30 December 2015 shows, in 2014 Polish entrepreneurs received more than PLN 25 billion of stateaid, which is approximately 15% more than in 2013. However, this increase does not apply to all industries. The share percentage for the creative industry in general funding decreases from year to year.

In 2014, the Polish Film Institute within the “program of funding by the Polish Film Institute of cinematographic projects” granted state aid in the amount of PLN 46.1 million in grants (i.e. 70% less than in the record year of 2011, when approximately PLN 146 million was allocated). In 2014, the greatest support in the film industry was granted to the National Film Archive (approximately PLN 4 million), the Polish Audiovisual Centre Foundation (approximately PLN 4 million) and the Association of Polish Filmmakers (PLN 3.6 million).State aid for research and development also decreased. In the past two years it has fallen from PLN 1.273 billion to PLN 528.1 million. This funding was in the form of grants, reimbursements and preferential loans. Out of the entire pool for 2014, PLN 374.8 million was allocated to industrial research. The most support (approximately PLN 455 million) was granted, among others, by the Director of the National Centre for Research and Development. As part of European funds, regional operational programs for research and development, the most aid was granted by the Marshalls of voivodships as part of the aid for research and development projects as part of the regional operational programs (approximately PLN 32 million); President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development as part of the financial aid for research, advisory services and training provided by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under the Operational Programmed Innovative Economy (approximately PLN 27 million); entrepreneurs implementing EU programs and in this respect being donors of aid to projects in the field of research and development within the regional operational programs (approximately PLN 9 million); Director of the National Center for Science and the Minister of Science and Higher Education as part of the program for the granting stateaid to finance scientific cooperation with foreign countries (PLN 2.3 million).


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