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Two weeks after the implementation of the Omnibus Directive
Amendments to the law came into force as of 1 January 2023, which aim to implement into Polish law three EU directives commonly referred to as the Omnibus Directive, the Directive on the sale of goods (2019/771), and the Digital Directive (2019/770). The purpose of the changes is to better protect consumers, in particular against [...]

Social media - how to run it to avoid legal problems
A social media presence seems to be a given in every industry. Nowadays, it is difficult to conduct any promotional activities without them. However, it is worth considering how to publish posts and reports in order not to violate the law. Almost all companies and agencies operating in the MICE industry have their own social [...]

YouTube channel as a VOD service - notification obligation and other requirements under the Broadcasting Act.
The National Broadcasting Council has issued a communiqué reminding of the obligation to apply for an entry on the list kept by the Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council. The communiqué also confirms that - upon fulfilling certain prerequisites - the obligation to notify, and consequently other obligations incumbent on VOD providers, also covers entities [...]

Virtual meetings - how to keep your data safe
In the era of the epidemic threat, virtual meetings have strongly increased in popularity. The growth of this form of organising training and conferences has created new challenges for agencies and their clients regarding the security of personal data and the preparation of events in a way that complies with RODO regulations. The source of [...]

Commercial communications in the light of the amended Broadcasting Act
On 1 November 2021, an amendment to the Broadcasting Act came into force. The changes are due to the need to implement Directive 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018[1]. In addition to the provisions on the operation of video sharing platforms, or changes to the labelling of content [...]

New obligations for video content providers starting in November!
The amendments to the Broadcasting Act and the Cinematography Act entered into force on 1 November 2021, and selected provisions will apply from 1 January 2022. The amendments are due to the need to implement Directive 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018. [1] In addition to regulating the [...]

Ways to combat parasite marketing
Ambush marketing is a heterogeneous phenomenon, and practices described by this term are characterized by diversity, both in scope, intensity, form, and content. This does not mean, however, that entrepreneurs have no way of defending themselves against the negative effects of such actions. There are many definitions of the term parasitic marketing. The most comprehensive [...]

Things to look out for when signing a facility lease
An event facility lease agreement is one of the most important documents that should safeguard an event organizer. Especially in the era of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but not exclusively. Regardless of the circumstances, a properly constructed event rental agreement and its provisions should not only protect the organizer in the instance that the event needs [...]

Event Management - present the completed projects!
Each of the entities existing on the market should function according to the developed business strategy. One of its inseparable elements is public relations activity. They aim to carry out external communication and build relations with clients, business partners, media or influencers. In this type of activity, more and more often events are used, the [...]

Lotteries at parties - when we operate legally?
Lotteries are undoubtedly a very effective way to diversify business and marketing events. A pinch of emotions accompanying the selection of a lucky card, number or business card and satisfaction with a possible win can bring nice memories and positive associations with the company commissioning the event. Although such games and plays are common, their [...]

Photography and filming at events, conferences.... and protection of the image of the participants.
Photo and video reportage of even the smallest events, travels and conferences is now standard practice. Materials of this type are willingly placed on websites and social media profiles. However, a question arises, whether the publication of the image of the participants of such events is always legal? The above issues are regulated by Article [...]

Kindermarketing under greater supervision - what changes the Charter of Children Protection Card in Advertising?
Recently adopted (11 September 2019) by the Advertising Council and signatories of the Code of Advertising Ethics, the ‘Charter of Children Protection in Advertising’ is another self-regulatory document following the development of ‘Standards of Food Advertising directed to children’ and ‘Standards of Beer Advertising’. It is an appendix to the Code of Advertising Ethics and [...]

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