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Revolution in GDPR data protection – Polish acts drafted

Dear Readers,

Preliminary drafts of the new Polish acts concerning the processing of personal data, which will be a supplement to EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (the so-called GDPR) have been posted on the government’s websites.

The new “Personal Data Protection Act” – reduced by the personal data processing rules, which were transferred to the GDPR – primarily regulates the manner of functioning of the Inspector General for the Personal Data Protection, rules for proceedings before the Office, and the principles of liability for violation of the rules of personal data protection. The second act – “Introductory Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act” provides for adjustments in more than 130 acts and it precisely indicates what changes should be made to public administration and entities operating in different sectors of the economy in order to comply with the new EU law.

The above mentioned, long-awaited regulations will be revolutionary for entities from many industries whose activities involve the processing of personal data. We remind you that the three-part constitution for this revolution (GDPR, the new Data Protection Act, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data) comes into force on May 25, 2018.

To familiarize you with the new rules of processing of personal data which will soon go into force, we provide below the files with drafts of the new acts and explanatory memorandums, as well as a short summary of ours, which outlines the basic issues related to the new approach to processing personal data.

In the coming months, with the forthcoming launch of the new law, LSW lawyers will also publish a series of expert articles that will address the most interesting and important issues for the IP and new technologies industries. We hope our study will help to at least resolve the most important concerns and doubts about the processing of personal data.

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