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Implementing AI-based automation - practical challenges
There is an anecdote circulating in the IT industry and among lawyers dealing with artificial intelligence. A contractor talking about the advantages of his solution focuses on how smart it is and repeatedly refers to the term 'artificial intelligence'. After the presentation, the contracting authority asks if the contractor is following the development of the [...]

Robotisation and automation. Who can be held responsible for what in implementations?
The implementation of automation and robotics in an enterprise is an extremely complex process, which includes the supply of a number of installations, elements, and devices, implementation and commissioning of the system, and supply of the necessary software. It also includes the preparation of the system installation site, which should meet the relevant criteria and [...]

How to tax plan the implementation of company automation and robotisation
Investments in the field of automation and robotisation are connected with significant outlays incurred by entrepreneurs. Therefore, any movement in this area should be absolutely preceded by an extensive analysis, not only legal, but also financial, including tax aspects. Tax issues related to investments in innovation are becoming increasingly important, which seems to be noticed [...]

Further European Union regulations on artificial intelligence with Poland's objections in the background
In mid-October, the German Presidency of the European Union presented a draft "Conclusion on the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Context of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Change." The document is to be attached to the Charter of Fundamental Rights. It is a part of a discussion and a collection of important postulates, among others [...]

The White Paper, or how the European Union deals with artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the new electricity. Its development is a change that leads to a complete redefinition of human life in every aspect of it. From a legislative point of view, are we ready to function in an artificial intelligence environment? Do we have adequate legal means which, on the one hand, will protect us [...]

“I, Robot” – can the development of robotics and artificial intelligence be regulated by the law? (part one)
A robot may not harm humanity, or by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm –  this superior law formulated many years ago by Isaac Asimov was regarded as a manifestation of futuristic thinking. Today it's no longer a question of the future, but reality. An era begins, during which we will be surrounded by [...]

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