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Ways to combat parasite marketing
Ambush marketing is a heterogeneous phenomenon, and practices described by this term are characterized by diversity, both in scope, intensity, form, and content. This does not mean, however, that entrepreneurs have no way of defending themselves against the negative effects of such actions. There are many definitions of the term parasitic marketing. The most comprehensive [...]

Things to look out for when signing a facility lease
An event facility lease agreement is one of the most important documents that should safeguard an event organizer. Especially in the era of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but not exclusively. Regardless of the circumstances, a properly constructed event rental agreement and its provisions should not only protect the organizer in the instance that the event needs [...]

Photography and filming at events, conferences.... and protection of the image of the participants.
Photo and video reportage of even the smallest events, travels and conferences is now standard practice. Materials of this type are willingly placed on websites and social media profiles. However, a question arises, whether the publication of the image of the participants of such events is always legal? The above issues are regulated by Article [...]

Important changes in tourist services law – the uncertain future of corporate events and team building trips?
A real revolution in the event industry is at hand. Not only does it impose additional obligations, increases the costs of organising events, but also creates additional business risk caused by highly ambiguous regulations. On 1 July 2018 the new act on packaged travel and linked travel arrangements came into effect, which introduces a large [...]

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How not to get your idea for an event stolen? Basic principles for the protection of concepts.
Although it might seem the idea itself is not enough to be able to take legal action to protect it, in fact, sometimes it is possible. All you need is the right tools. And of course, knowledge how and when to properly use them. Everything starts with an idea. From the idea that evolves into [...]

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