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Lotteries at parties - when we operate legally?
Lotteries are undoubtedly a very effective way to diversify business and marketing events. A pinch of emotions accompanying the selection of a lucky card, number or business card and satisfaction with a possible win can bring nice memories and positive associations with the company commissioning the event. Although such games and plays are common, their [...]

Computer games in the light of copyright law. What is allowed and what is not allowed to be shown in the game.
The computer games market has been growing faster and faster in the recent years, and with it - numerous legal problems are growing. Main issues that are most often becoming the proverbial bone of contention include trademarks and copyright infringements. We have already discussed the importance of trademarks in games and the importance of trademarks [...]

End of Lohan vs. Take Two dispute. The victory of the authors of GTA.
On 29 March 2018 the New York Court of Appeals closed the several years long court battle between the actress Lindsay Lohan and the company Take Two. In 2014 the actress sued Take Two, the publisher, producer and distributor of the computer game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) for the alleged unlawful use of [...]

Trademarks in computer game
Profits from computer games and e-gaming over the last decade are so high that many investors do not hesitate to place their capital in this sector. No wonder that games producers tend to exploit them to the greatest possible extent, protecting game titles and other characteristic elements as registered trademarks. Registration of game titles as [...]

Augmented reality in games – what is left unsaid about Pokémon Go
A Universe familiar to many has returned in a completely new form – as an application for mobile devices. Pokémon Go has gained huge publicity. Observing the success of Niantic Labs – the creator of the game – we can’t go without asking question about how the company will cope with the placement of ads, [...]

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