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Film production: licence or copyright transfer agreement?
In film production, the standard - resulting both from the requirements of financing public institutions and the weakness of Polish legal regulations on licensing, which do not guarantee the stability of such licensing relations - is the conclusion of agreements on the transfer of rights. An exception is sometimes the inclusion of existing music or [...]

Legal aspects of using music in films
For the first time, the sound appeared in film in 1927 in The Jazz Band Singer, which is considered the first sound film in the history of cinema. Since then, music has become an essential element of every audiovisual work, creating a background for the images that appear. Today it is hard to imagine the [...]

20 years of court battle for two seconds of music - or how to legally sample?
After exactly two decades of dispute between the classics of the German electronic music scene, Kraftwerk and hip-hop producers, M. Pelham and M. Haas, the Court of Justice of the European Union answered the question on the legality of the use of samples. To be exact, on one of the threads important in answering such [...]

The simplicity of the sequence of two sounds is not enough for the EU’s trademark for sound.
Brazilian media group Globo Comunicação e Participações filed a complaint against the European Union Intellectual Property Office's (EUIPO) refusal of the registration forthe EU trademark in the form of a sound (ECJ Judgment of September 13ht, 2016 in T-408/15 case). The basis for the absolute refusal was... the simplicity of the sequence of two sounds. [...]

GEMA OVER! The Agreement between YouTube and GEMA
Millions of users of YouTube in Germany can breathe a sigh of relief. GEMA – the German state organization for collective management of copyrights of creators, the equivalent of Polish ZAIKS, and YouTube announced an agreement after seven years of dispute. Ending the dispute between GEMA and YouTube is good news both for  recipients of [...]

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