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Are the stripes on sports shoes reserved only for Adidas?
Adidas may well be the most known and recognizable brand for sports shoes and clothes in the world. The famous three stripes by Adidas are probably well known to everyone. However, choosing banal and popular pattern as the mark for your products, you will probably face similar ideas by competitors. Adidas has been challenging them [...]

History of Coca-Cola’s contour bottle continued
Coca-Cola offers us not only a ‘unique refreshment’ in a designer bottle, but also brings something to the EU acquis communautaire by losing (this time) its battle to register their bottle as a three-dimensional trademark. The European Union Court dismissed the complaint of The Coca-Cola Company against the decision of the Office for Harmonization in [...]

The crest contour of FC Barcelona will not be a registered trademark
The EU Court in its decision from December 10, 2015 dismissed the complaint lodged by FC Barcelona appealing the denial of registration its crest contour as a trademark. In April 2013, FC Barcelona applied to OHIM for registration of the contour of the club's crest as a community trademark for such categories as articles made [...]

Caimans, Crocodiles and Alligators – Lacoste's monopoly of the Crocodilia reptile order. But what about “Gucio”?
Today, the General Court of the European Union rendered its judgement in case T-364/13 concerning Lacoste’s objection filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) of the following logo for clothing, footwear, bags, as well as pet cushions, and real estate lettings: The company applying for its registration is a Polish partnership [...]

Black clouds over Skype…
Skye terrier, skylab, skylight, Skywalker, and the list goes on… but let’s focus on two words: “Sky” and “Skype”. Although these are two separate words, according to the Court of the European Union they are similar enough to prevent Microsoft from registering “Skype” as a trade mark. The IT giant from Redmond, Washington ,, from 2011 [...]

“I demand voluntary payment” – about letters from exotic registers
We would like to point the Readers’ attention to the phenomenon of “unofficial” trade mark registers. For some time, there have been entities that deliver, both to persons and companies registering trade marks, requests for payment on account of implementing trade marks in their registers. This practice is not only employed in relation to the [...]

Register trademarks with Fast Track
The Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), an entity responsible for registering EU trademarks, has introduced an accelerated procedure of registering trademarks, referred to as “Fast Track”. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs wishing to protect their designations, such as logotypes or unique business names – by fulfilling specific requirements indicated by the Office – [...]

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