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Two weeks after the implementation of the Omnibus Directive
Amendments to the law came into force as of 1 January 2023, which aim to implement into Polish law three EU directives commonly referred to as the Omnibus Directive, the Directive on the sale of goods (2019/771), and the Digital Directive (2019/770). The purpose of the changes is to better protect consumers, in particular against [...]

Fan pays, fan demands
Fan pays, fan demands – this could be a short summary of the most recent decision-making tendencies of the Finnish Consumer Protection Office (Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto KKV). KKV deemed it admissible to demand the return of money for a concert if the quality of the performance was significantly lower than the expected standards. Helsinki, October [...]

Are three months one year? Intervention by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in the case of free software
The publisher of PC Format may have misled consumers as to the rules regarding the use of anti-virus software distributed with its magazine. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) reached this conclusion in decision no. RWA-3/2015 of June 19, 2015. The proceedings against Wydawnictwo Bauer – the publisher of PC [...]

Communication with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prior to and during the proceedings
In order to meet the expectations of the market and to fully implement the elementary rules of administrative procedure, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (“UOKiK”) has provided a number of facilities for entrepreneurs who are or will be a party to proceedings before the President of UOKiK in the scope of communication with [...]

Office of Competition and Consumer Protection: A receipt could come in handy, but it is not by all means necessary…
When we buy something in a shop, it can turn out the product we bought is defective. In such case, we, as consumers and independent of the entrepreneur, may exercise our right of complaint in the form of warranty (in every circumstances) or guarantee (if granted). In practice , we may demand the goods be [...]

Unsolicited commercial information following consumer law amendment
On December 25, 2014 the Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014, intended to increase the scope of consumer interest protection, entered into force. Its enactment was accompanied by concern about the legality of sending inquiries for consent towards being sent commercial information, which was previously a common practice. This issue was previously covered by [...]

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