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The Polish Film Institute has announced another – the VI Operational Programme for 2022!

The recently announced operational programme of the Polish Film Institute (PISF) called ‘Polish-Ukrainian Film Initiatives’ is one of the forms of involvement of the PISF in the campaign to help the Ukrainian film industry.

Announced by the Director of the PISF, the programme envisages an allocation of up to 10 million zlotys and is aimed at supporting activities carried out jointly by Polish and Ukrainian producers and filmmakers or supporting projects on Polish-Ukrainian themes. The programme gives preference to projects involving Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland after 24 February 2022 directly from the territory of Ukraine due to the warfare.

There will be four priorities under the new Operational Programme:

  • Priority I: Development and production of documentary films;
  • Priority II: Development and production of animation films;
  • Priority III: Script development;
  • Priority IV: Film festivals and initiatives.

Implementation of the programme’s objectives will take place in particular through:

  1. creating conditions for Ukrainian citizens to continue their creative work in the field of cinematography;
  2. inspiring Polish and Ukrainian citizens to cooperate in the creation of film projects;
  3. dissemination and popularisation of film art;
  4. promoting Polish and Ukrainian films and the achievements of Polish and Ukrainian filmmakers;
  5. supporting projects aimed at increasing and developing the audience by enhancing access to film works, organisation of film festivals of local, national and international scope;
  6. supporting activities aimed at creating conditions for public access to Polish, European and world film heritage;
  7. promotion of films of particular artistic merit;
  8. creating conditions for the development of film co-productions.

The new Operational Programme is another form of support provided by the PISF to Ukraine after the military actions started by Russia on its territory on 24 February 2022. On the PISF website, there is a tab “HELP FOR UKRAINE” dedicated to Ukrainian filmmakers, where you can find information on all forms of support provided by PISF, as well as job offers.

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