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Film development – practical tips
In film production, the development period is the most creative one. However, it is essential to check at this stage whether all creative concepts are feasible in organisational, financial, and legal aspects. The fluency of further work and the success of the whole film production project also depends on the reliable execution of development. Which [...]

The Polish Film Institute has announced another - the VI Operational Programme for 2022!
The recently announced operational programme of the Polish Film Institute (PISF) called 'Polish-Ukrainian Film Initiatives' is one of the forms of involvement of the PISF in the campaign to help the Ukrainian film industry. Announced by the Director of the PISF, the programme envisages an allocation of up to 10 million zlotys and is aimed [...]

Film production: licence or copyright transfer agreement?
In film production, the standard - resulting both from the requirements of financing public institutions and the weakness of Polish legal regulations on licensing, which do not guarantee the stability of such licensing relations - is the conclusion of agreements on the transfer of rights. An exception is sometimes the inclusion of existing music or [...]

Is an indebted affiliate really the fifth wheel? About financial support from PISF
Providing financial support by the Polish Film Institute is undoubtedly an important aspect of creating conditions for the development of Polish audiovisual projects. However, when filling in applications for grants and incentives, the applicant may be in doubt whether the condition of its affiliated entities may prevent it from receiving funding. Therefore, does the bad [...]

Film production during COVID-19
According to the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 16 May 2020 on establishing certain restrictions, orders and prohibitions in connection with the occurrence of a state of the epidemic, the performance of activities by entities producing cinematographic films, video recordings, television programmes (TV series, documentaries) and television commercials and related post-production activities (activities [...]

A new quality in the audiovisual industry
Incentives already available! Starting from 19 February 2019, Polish Film Institute is collecting applications for financial support in 2019. At the foundation of any motion picture, series or animation lies not only the excellent screenplay or the renowned names of their creators, but principally everything starts with… financing. Without this important component even the most [...]

PFI does not grant funding. What’s next?
Any application for co-financing by the PFI is subject to expert evaluation. After obtaining the evaluation, the Director of PFI issues a decision to award the grant for the project, or refuse the grant. There is also the possibility of moving the decision to the next session, or refer it for amendments. In accordance with [...]

The world seen from a drone
In recent years, we have experienced a rapid development of technology in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as drones. They are used in a myriad industries – from transporting blood to film production. In light of aviation law regulations, drones can essentially be divided into two categories – drones with a [...]

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