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Robotisation and automation. Who can be held responsible for what in implementations?
The implementation of automation and robotics in an enterprise is an extremely complex process, which includes the supply of a number of installations, elements, and devices, implementation and commissioning of the system, and supply of the necessary software. It also includes the preparation of the system installation site, which should meet the relevant criteria and [...]

Commercialization of software in practice
Commercialization of the results of research by academic institutions is more and more common and it is useful to know how it is carried out. This is important both for institutions and for entrepreneurs investing in these types of innovation. Various Polish public research institutions (universities, research institutes, Polish Academy of Sciences centres) conduct research [...]

Caimans, Crocodiles and Alligators – Lacoste's monopoly of the Crocodilia reptile order. But what about “Gucio”?
Today, the General Court of the European Union rendered its judgement in case T-364/13 concerning Lacoste’s objection filed with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) of the following logo for clothing, footwear, bags, as well as pet cushions, and real estate lettings: The company applying for its registration is a Polish partnership [...]

A calorie-related dispute between Nestle and Cadbury – protection of the shape of food products
The external appearance of products is one of the most important elements in the promotion and marketing strategy employed by companies. Roundness, protrusions or indentations thanks to the legal protection they enjoy may become an exceptionally valuable part of the product. Taking into consideration the potential of appropriate product design, one electronics industry giant – [...]

“I demand voluntary payment” – about letters from exotic registers
We would like to point the Readers’ attention to the phenomenon of “unofficial” trade mark registers. For some time, there have been entities that deliver, both to persons and companies registering trade marks, requests for payment on account of implementing trade marks in their registers. This practice is not only employed in relation to the [...]

Competitions organized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
At the request of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland we would like to call your attention to two competitions organized by the Office: 3rd edition of the competition on media coverage regarding intellectual property protection issues, addressed to authors publishing in press, radio, TV and electronic media. Competition works must be submitted [...]

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