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Google v. Oracle, the copyright dispute of the decade
This month saw the long-awaited hearing before the US Supreme Court between two tech giants - Google and Oracle. This copyright dispute of the decade, as it is often referred to by the media, began in 2010, following the acquisition of Java creators Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation. The outcome of the dispute could have [...]

In the depths of gambling: is every game a game of chance?
The court in Szczecin has recently issued a judgment in the broadly publicized case of poker players. In 2011, a group of acquaintances met in a rented restaurant to play an informal poker tournament in order to celebrate the organizer’s birthday. The participants were detained by the Central Bureau of Investigation – under the Polish [...]

Can tea have the flavor of vanilla? – The Court of Justice of the EU examines
An average, adequately informed and sufficiently careful and reasonable consumer may find it sometimes quite difficult to tell what exactly it is that he/she puts in his/her shopping basket. The situation is no different in the case of a “fruit” tea named “Felix – raspberry and vanilla adventure”, made by the Teekanne company, whose packaging is [...]

A calorie-related dispute between Nestle and Cadbury – protection of the shape of food products
The external appearance of products is one of the most important elements in the promotion and marketing strategy employed by companies. Roundness, protrusions or indentations thanks to the legal protection they enjoy may become an exceptionally valuable part of the product. Taking into consideration the potential of appropriate product design, one electronics industry giant – [...]

Multiple the amount of respective remuneration under the copyright law prior to CJEU
A common request for payment in multiples of the amount of respective remuneration for the unlawful use of another person’s work is a widely debated problem in the jurisprudence. The right in question has been provided for in Article 79(1)(3)(b) of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and since the very beginning has stirred a [...]

The case of Prof. Ewa Łętowska's avatar – identify theft on Facebook
Prof. Ewa Łętowska does not have to be introduced in detail. The first Polish Ombudsman, a judge on the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal. A few months ago Facebook saw the emergence of profiles of Prof. Łętowska that presented her, as an enthusiast of music by Zdzisława Sośnicka, organizer of galas and concerts [...]

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