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When fiction can offend. Examples of infringement of personal rights in fictional films
"Fictional works are not outlawed if they defame real people," said a US federal court in a dispute between chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili and Netflix. The famous chess player sued the platform for defamation over words spoken in the series "The Queen's Gambit". During a tournament in Moscow, the announcer introduces the main character (fictional [...]

Liability for disseminating disparaging content on the Internet
According to the report of the Central Statistical Office entitled "Information society in Poland in 2021", published on 21 February this year [1], last year 92.4 percent of Polish households had access to the Internet. Unfortunately, as the number of Internet users increases, so does the potential scale of infringements of third-party rights online, which [...]

End of Lohan vs. Take Two dispute. The victory of the authors of GTA.
On 29 March 2018 the New York Court of Appeals closed the several years long court battle between the actress Lindsay Lohan and the company Take Two. In 2014 the actress sued Take Two, the publisher, producer and distributor of the computer game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) for the alleged unlawful use of [...]

Can we infringe neighbour’s moral rights by buying daughter a computer and not controlling the way of using it?
In the judgment of 20 February 2014 (I ACa 1047/13) the Court of Appeals in Katowice ruled that the owner of a computer and Internet connection may not be held liable for the infringement of moral rights based on the fact that they gave access to persons which may have made offensive statements in the [...]

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