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Fragrance as a trademark?
The continuous development of consumerism and the introduction of new products and services causes manufacturers to look for effective promotion methods to increase profits and broaden their customer portfolio. Color, shape, taste, or smell are more and more willingly used for promotion, forming the so-called sensory marketing strategy, also known as the marketing strategy of [...]

Warranty mark - what is it and what has changed in the regulations
The warranty mark allows entrepreneurs to mark their products with an organisation-certified symbol. The purpose of using this mark is, first of all, to ensure that potential customers have certain desired characteristics of the product, such as high quality, safety of use or environmental neutrality. Functions of a guarantee trademark While the primary function of [...]

Can color be registered as a trademark?
Registration authorizes the owner to an exclusive use of their trademark. In the light of EU regulations, a trademark may consist of any sign or graphic form, but it must have elements that distinguish it from the goods and services of another entrepreneur. Is a red sole created by a French designer a sufficient feature [...]

Fictional characters and titles as European Union trademarks
Some fictional characters and titles are brands in themselves, so using them as word trademarks may seem a natural consequence of this. What if we would like to register the name of a well-known hero or the title of a book or movie as a European Union trademark? The EUIPO website in an optimistic manner [...]

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