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Film production: licence or copyright transfer agreement?
In film production, the standard - resulting both from the requirements of financing public institutions and the weakness of Polish legal regulations on licensing, which do not guarantee the stability of such licensing relations - is the conclusion of agreements on the transfer of rights. An exception is sometimes the inclusion of existing music or [...]

Social media - how to run it to avoid legal problems
A social media presence seems to be a given in every industry. Nowadays, it is difficult to conduct any promotional activities without them. However, it is worth considering how to publish posts and reports in order not to violate the law. Almost all companies and agencies operating in the MICE industry have their own social [...]

Decompilation of a computer program to remove errors
There are no computer programs that run faultlessly. Sooner or later there will be errors that need to be fixed. In many cases this will mean that changes will have to be made to the source code of the software, i.e. the original form of writing a computer program. However, except in the case of [...]

What is "El Clasico"? All about a failed attempt to register a trademark
El Clasico, or the skirmishes between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, is more than a match. It is a clash of Catalan independence aspirations with Spanish centralism. It is a symbol of rivalry, an occasion for meetings, a source of (not only sporting) emotions. But not a trademark. This was the conclusion reached by the [...]

Google v. Oracle, the copyright dispute of the decade
This month saw the long-awaited hearing before the US Supreme Court between two tech giants - Google and Oracle. This copyright dispute of the decade, as it is often referred to by the media, began in 2010, following the acquisition of Java creators Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation. The outcome of the dispute could have [...]

Is every fashion project protected by copyright?
Cristóbal Balenciaga - one of the most important fashion designers of the 20th century - said that "a fashion designer must be an architect of design, sculptor of form, painter of color, musician of harmony and philosopher of restraint"[1]. A clothing creator should combine many factors in his work. His task is, above all, to [...]

A concert musician is not always an artist
The Supreme Court ruled a single performance of a concert by a musician, a member of the orchestra, does not create a composition – we can not speak in such cases about the result, but only about due diligence. The Supreme Court held that in such cases the organizer and the musician are not bound [...]

The new look of copyright law – European Commission’s proposals
The European Commission has presented a set of changes to the copyright law. They are supposed to affect the quantity and variety of works and other protected content available on-line, improve the clarity of rules for entities operating on-line and strengthen the position of copyright holders and related rights holders in negotiating license agreements, including [...]

Young Artist v. Textile Giant – A dispute over the limits of replication in fashion
Celine-like shoes, Anya Hindmarch-like handbag... a number of popular high-street fashion shops are often accused of having in their stock nearly exact copies of international fashion house collections. Inditex, a group to which Zara belongs, has also been a target of such allegations. Apart from discussions over the limits of inspiration in fashion and the [...]

Czesław Mozil wins dispute over the use of the Solidarity wordmark
Could the use of the famous Solidarity wordmark in the “Nienawidzę Cię Polsko” (I hate you, Poland) music video infringe the goodwill of the Union and its copyright? The chairman of  Solidarity, Mr. Piotr Duda filed a complaint against Czesław Mozil, the author and the performer of the song. In the music video for the [...]

Are changes in access to online services within the EU possible?
Cross territory licensing over using works protected by copyright has been a matter of discussion within the EU for months in the context of a possible change of direction in the copyright law. For the moment the situation is not likely to change in the matter of so-called “geoblocking” – restrictions on access to content [...]

From Solférino to Luxembourg: The spirit of The Angelus painting before the Court of Justice of the European Union
Droit de suite.  The Orsay Museum, one of the top three museums in Paris, is located on the left bank of the River Seine, close to the “Solférino” metro station. There one can admire the most famous painting by Jean-François Millet – The Angelus (L’Angelus). It represents a 19th century European trend towards folklore and [...]

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