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Social media - how to run it to avoid legal problems
A social media presence seems to be a given in every industry. Nowadays, it is difficult to conduct any promotional activities without them. However, it is worth considering how to publish posts and reports in order not to violate the law. Almost all companies and agencies operating in the MICE industry have their own social [...]

Event Management - present the completed projects!
Each of the entities existing on the market should function according to the developed business strategy. One of its inseparable elements is public relations activity. They aim to carry out external communication and build relations with clients, business partners, media or influencers. In this type of activity, more and more often events are used, the [...]

Read by Krystyna Czubówna’ - a few words about voice protection in Polish law
Lecturers, radio journalists and sports commentators. Representatives of all these professions, despite their often high popularity, can remain unnoticed in the street. Who could recognize Tomasz Knapik, Maciej Gudowski or Krystyna Czubowna in the street, even though the voice of the first two can be heard almost every day on the Warsaw bus or subway? [...]

Intellectual property management in football clubs
Nowadays, a football club is not only a part of the team’s infrastructure, but also an enterprise. Moreover, sound management of such enterprises will decide not only whether shareholders or stockholders receive a dividend, or whether they would be obliged to provide more capital to the company, but also what players the company can afford [...]

Permitted photography part 2 – pictures and the image of persons photographed
In contrast with the citizens of North Korea and some other similar places on the globe, we are living in a legal system in which photography is, as a rule, permitted. When taking pictures on the street, we shouldn’t expect being charged with the disclosure of state secrets or propagating foreign, unacceptable values. In the [...]

Permitted photography, part 1 – Preface
There is no legal act in Polish law that comprehensively cover legal matters related to photography. What’s more, the law provides no answer to some of the most pressing issues that emerge in practice. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation, oftentimes substantially dependent on the facts of a given case. Considering such issues [...]

Let’s play… or what does a Latin American dictator have to do with a virtual sword and what does the law say about all this?
Many people associate video games with computer programs. A common approach reduces the legal issue of video games to the analysis of the provisions of the Copyright Act in the scope of Section 7 of the Act – i.e. special rules regarding computer programs. In the case of modern games, this approach is, however, too [...]

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