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Supreme Court ruling on Chomikuj.pl. What does this mean for service providers?
The Supreme Court has recently drafted a justification of the judgment in the famous case against Chomikuj.pl. What does this judgment mean for the service itself as well as other service providers? What can we learn about the obligations of service providers from the justification? In May 2022 The Supreme Court issued a verdict in [...]

Legal aspects of using music in films
For the first time, the sound appeared in film in 1927 in The Jazz Band Singer, which is considered the first sound film in the history of cinema. Since then, music has become an essential element of every audiovisual work, creating a background for the images that appear. Today it is hard to imagine the [...]

What is "El Clasico"? All about a failed attempt to register a trademark
El Clasico, or the skirmishes between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, is more than a match. It is a clash of Catalan independence aspirations with Spanish centralism. It is a symbol of rivalry, an occasion for meetings, a source of (not only sporting) emotions. But not a trademark. This was the conclusion reached by the [...]

Google v. Oracle, the copyright dispute of the decade
This month saw the long-awaited hearing before the US Supreme Court between two tech giants - Google and Oracle. This copyright dispute of the decade, as it is often referred to by the media, began in 2010, following the acquisition of Java creators Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation. The outcome of the dispute could have [...]

20 years of court battle for two seconds of music - or how to legally sample?
After exactly two decades of dispute between the classics of the German electronic music scene, Kraftwerk and hip-hop producers, M. Pelham and M. Haas, the Court of Justice of the European Union answered the question on the legality of the use of samples. To be exact, on one of the threads important in answering such [...]

Starbucks mug on the Winterfell table - how did it happen?
The Internet rumbles about the "slip-up" of the creators of the latest episode of the eighth season of the famous series "Game of Thrones". What is it about this time? Well, in one of the scenes set at Starks Castle, Queen Daenerys is ‘accompanied’ by a paper cup from a well-known chain of Starbucks cafés. [...]

A clash of two giants, the storm around the chronology of film distribution in France
The program for this year’s Cannes festival announced on 12 April at an official press conference is the subject of heated discussion. The controversy concerns not so much what it contains, as what has not been included. Netflix withdrew the entries of its film productions due to the regulations applicable in France pertaining to the [...]

Legal protections for the image rights of historical and fictitious characters in computer games
In principle, the image rights of historical and fictitious characters are subject to legal protections, as such commercial use by authors of games will require consent. However, there are exceptions. Young people increasingly enjoy spending their time in the virtual world. Each year new ideas and concepts appear on the games market. A recent trend [...]

Are instructions for an insurance package a copywritable work?
The Supreme Court has found that the idea of an insurance package written in the form of instructions for its use is a work and is subject to copyright protection. It is worth noting that a concept or an idea does not constitute a work within the meaning of the provisions of the Copyright and [...]

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How not to get your idea for an event stolen? Basic principles for the protection of concepts.
Although it might seem the idea itself is not enough to be able to take legal action to protect it, in fact, sometimes it is possible. All you need is the right tools. And of course, knowledge how and when to properly use them. Everything starts with an idea. From the idea that evolves into [...]

The Court of Justice of the EU on twice the appropriate remuneration under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights
The judgement issued on 25 January 2017 (Case C-367/15, the OTK Association v. Polish Filmmakers Association) considered as compatible with EU law the provision of the act of 4 February 1994, on Copyright and Related Rights which allows the holder of copyrights to request from the infringer of these rights twice the sum equivalent to [...]

GEMA OVER! The Agreement between YouTube and GEMA
Millions of users of YouTube in Germany can breathe a sigh of relief. GEMA – the German state organization for collective management of copyrights of creators, the equivalent of Polish ZAIKS, and YouTube announced an agreement after seven years of dispute. Ending the dispute between GEMA and YouTube is good news both for  recipients of [...]

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