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When you trade a Ferrari for a Twingo, or the use of trademarks in a song.
Colombian singer Shakira appeared on the lips of the show-business world yesterday. During a performance at the Bzrp Music Sessions, the artist sang: "You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio". From the context in which the song was performed, it is clear that Shakira wanted to clearly emphasize [...]

Miley Cyrus as an EU trademark? On the registration of first names and surnames
Famous US singer Miley Cyrus can register her name as an EU trademark. This conclusion was reached by the General Court of the European Union in June after the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) had previously refused to register the artist's trademark due to a conflict with the CYRUS brand. Name as a trademark [...]

What is "El Clasico"? All about a failed attempt to register a trademark
El Clasico, or the skirmishes between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, is more than a match. It is a clash of Catalan independence aspirations with Spanish centralism. It is a symbol of rivalry, an occasion for meetings, a source of (not only sporting) emotions. But not a trademark. This was the conclusion reached by the [...]

Fragrance as a trademark?
The continuous development of consumerism and the introduction of new products and services causes manufacturers to look for effective promotion methods to increase profits and broaden their customer portfolio. Color, shape, taste, or smell are more and more willingly used for promotion, forming the so-called sensory marketing strategy, also known as the marketing strategy of [...]

Coronavirus as a trademark
The specific time caused by the introduction of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic affects many aspects of the daily, professional and economic life of society. This is also reflected in trademarks. Since February 2020, offices have been receiving new and new applications for registration of exclusive rights for signs referring - both in word and graphic [...]

Warranty mark - what is it and what has changed in the regulations
The warranty mark allows entrepreneurs to mark their products with an organisation-certified symbol. The purpose of using this mark is, first of all, to ensure that potential customers have certain desired characteristics of the product, such as high quality, safety of use or environmental neutrality. Functions of a guarantee trademark While the primary function of [...]

John Lemon vs. John Lennon – Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can?
Recently the media was particularly interested in the case of Katowice-based company ‘John Lemon’, which was sued by Yoko Ono Lennon in a Dutch court of law. The musician’s widow accused the company of violating her personal rights and the ‘John Lennon’ trade mark rights. However, the case was not resolved by the court, because [...]

“J'adore” vs. “A Adoration” — a privileged status of reputable trademarks[1]’ owners
The idea to share some reflections on the concept of reputation of a trademark and the status of reputable trademarks was inspired by the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court in June (Ref. II GSK 2782/15). It concerned the refusal of the Polish Patent Office to recognize the opposition of Parfums Christian Dior from Paris [...]

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